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Work in Process Monitoring

Production floors have become complex and error-prone environments. With complex assembly processes, intricate logistics and countless parts and tools moving about, there's more pressure than ever to cut costs and increase efficiencies. As a result, RFID (radio frequency identification) is emerging as a powerful tool for streamlining production and inventory control on factory floors of all sizes. BTCL is deep expert and fully understand the business process how to apply RFID into the shofloor and below is the benifits:

Are you currently facing any of these challenges with your manufacturing or maintenance and repair organization (MRO) inventory?

  • RFID provides highly reliable information and tracking, even in challenging processes where environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, vibration, moisture or chemical exposure are an issue.
  • RFID can identify and record components, assemblies and other work in process inventory much faster and more accurately than people can.
  • RFID tags can be rewritable. Update them throughout your production process with information such as lot numbers, operator and inspector IDs, quality control test results, timestamps, instructions for material handling and more.





BTCL proudly to advise you that we have implementation by using FFID for shop floor, collecting the output from scale and mapping to employee ID for the real time yield and payroll purpose at the real time. For more details please contact our expertise team or email to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.